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2023 Partial Eclipse Cities

On October 14, 2023, an annular, or "ring of fire," solar eclipse traced a narrow path of annularity across eight U.S. states. Outside this path of annularity, most of the rest of the country experienced a partial solar eclipse. The following is a list of major U.S. cities that were located outside the path of annularity on October 14 and the approximate percentage of partial eclipse that occurred for each.

Note that, technically, an annular solar eclipse is a partial solar eclipse even inside the path of annularity. For the 2023 eclipse, the Sun was never obscured by more than 90.6 percent anywhere inside the path. Therefore, the percentage of partial eclipse for cities located outside the path was likewise never greater than that percentage.

All times and percentages shown on this page are only representative samples.

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United States

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City, State Max. Eclipse Obscuration
Honolulu, HI**6:07:54 AM HST4.5%
Salem, OR9:19:06 AM PDT88.2%
Portland, OR9:19:27 AM PDT86.4%
San Francisco, CA9:19:31 AM PDT76.5%
Oakland, CA9:19:38 AM PDT76.8%
Olympia, WA9:19:41 AM PDT82.2%
Tacoma, WA9:20:02 AM PDT81.1%
San Jose, CA9:20:03 AM PDT75.8%
Sacramento, CA9:20:07 AM PDT80.2%
Seattle, WA9:20:13 AM PDT79.9%
Stockton, CA9:20:24 AM PDT78.6%
Reno, NV9:21:21 AM PDT85.3%
Carson City, NV9:21:27 AM PDT84.3%
Juneau, AK*8:21:43 AM AKDT58.0%
Fresno, CA9:22:01 AM PDT76.8%
Anchorage, AK**8:22:29 AM AKDT56.9%
Bakersfield, CA9:23:12 AM PDT73.7%
Spokane, WA9:23:33 AM PDT74.3%
Boise, ID10:24:02 AM MDT84.5%
Los Angeles, CA9:24:33 AM PDT70.8%
Anaheim, CA9:24:59 AM PDT70.6%
San Diego, CA9:26:23 AM PDT68.4%
Las Vegas, NV9:26:41 AM PDT82.1%
Helena, MT10:27:40 AM MDT70.5%
Salt Lake City, UT10:28:20 AM MDT86.7%
Provo, UT10:28:42 AM MDT87.7%
Billings, MT10:30:52 AM MDT67.8%
Phoenix, AZ9:31:36 AM MST79.2%
Tucson, AZ9:33:48 AM MST77.7%
Cheyenne, WY10:35:45 AM MDT74.6%
Denver, CO10:36:11 AM MDT78.7%
Colorado Springs, CO10:36:50 AM MDT80.8%
Bismarck, ND11:38:42 AM CDT53.9%
Pierre, SD11:39:46 AM CDT59.0%
El Paso, TX10:40:00 AM MDT84.8%
Fargo, ND11:43:14 AM CDT47.8%
Sioux Falls, SD11:44:28 AM CDT55.0%
Lubbock, TX11:44:36 AM CDT88.8%
Lincoln, NE11:45:58 AM CDT61.2%
Omaha, NE11:46:43 AM CDT58.8%
Wichita, KS11:47:19 AM CDT69.8%
Minneapolis, MN11:48:17 AM CDT46.2%
St. Paul, MN11:48:32 AM CDT46.0%
Topeka, KS11:48:35 AM CDT63.4%
Oklahoma City, OK11:48:59 AM CDT75.7%
Des Moines, IA11:49:40 AM CDT53.9%
Rochester, MN11:49:48 AM CDT46.9%
Kansas City, KS11:50:00 AM CDT61.3%
Kansas City, MO11:50:05 AM CDT61.2%
Tulsa, OK11:50:34 AM CDT70.9%
Fort Worth, TX11:52:03 AM CDT81.9%
Cedar Rapids, IA11:52:09 AM CDT49.7%
Dallas, TX11:52:51 AM CDT80.8%
Springfield, MO11:53:35 AM CDT63.0%
Jefferson City, MO11:54:02 AM CDT57.8%
Austin, TX11:54:24 AM CDT88.6%
Madison, WI11:54:40 AM CDT43.6%
Laredo, TX11:55:19 AM CDT88.4%
Rockford, IL11:55:40 AM CDT44.6%
Green Bay, WI11:55:45 AM CDT38.7%
Springfield, IL11:56:48 AM CDT50.5%
Milwaukee, WI11:56:52 AM CDT41.2%
St. Louis, MO11:56:59 AM CDT53.9%
Little Rock, AR11:57:39 AM CDT66.5%
Shreveport, LA11:57:55 AM CDT74.7%
Chicago, IL11:58:09 AM CDT42.8%
Houston, TX11:58:52 AM CDT84.8%
Grand Rapids, MI1:00:18 PM EDT37.6%
Memphis, TN12:00:48 PM CDT60.9%
Evansville, IN12:01:47 PM CDT50.2%
Lansing, MI1:02:13 PM EDT36.2%
Indianapolis, IN1:02:17 PM EDT44.1%
Fort Wayne, IN1:02:43 PM EDT40.0%
Jackson, MS12:04:05 PM CDT67.3%
Louisville, KY1:04:28 PM EDT46.2%
Toledo, OH1:04:47 PM EDT36.3%
Baton Rouge, LA12:04:55 PM CDT73.7%
Detroit, MI1:04:58 PM EDT34.4%
Nashville, TN12:05:04 PM CDT52.1%
Cincinnati, OH1:05:39 PM EDT42.3%
Frankfort, KY1:06:00 PM EDT44.6%
Lexington, KY1:06:48 PM EDT44.2%
Columbus, OH1:07:19 PM EDT38.2%
New Orleans, LA12:07:34 PM CDT72.3%
Cleveland, OH1:07:58 PM EDT33.5%
Birmingham, AL12:08:18 PM CDT57.4%
Mobile, AL12:10:05 PM CDT66.0%
Knoxville, TN1:10:16 PM EDT46.8%
Montgomery, AL12:10:45 PM CDT58.6%
Buffalo, NY1:11:21 PM EDT27.2%
Charleston, WV1:11:26 PM EDT38.4%
Pittsburgh, PA1:11:58 PM EDT32.4%
Atlanta, GA1:12:19 PM EDT51.9%
Columbus, GA1:13:02 PM EDT55.6%
Rochester, NY1:13:15 PM EDT25.0%
Winston-Salem, NC1:16:46 PM EDT39.6%
Charlotte, NC1:16:50 PM EDT41.1%
Augusta, GA1:17:07 PM EDT47.5%
Tallahassee, FL1:17:24 PM EDT58.0%
Greensboro, NC1:17:39 PM EDT38.8%
Harrisburg, PA1:17:43 PM EDT27.7%
Columbia, SC1:18:12 PM EDT44.6%
Washington, DC1:19:07 PM EDT29.8%
Baltimore, MD1:19:25 PM EDT28.6%
Durham, NC1:19:27 PM EDT37.3%
Burlington, VT1:19:32 PM EDT17.8%
Allentown, PA1:19:55 PM EDT25.2%
Annapolis, MD1:20:03 PM EDT28.8%
Richmond, VA1:20:08 PM EDT32.4%
Raleigh, NC1:20:15 PM EDT37.1%
Albany, NY1:20:37 PM EDT20.4%
Wilmington, DE1:20:51 PM EDT26.4%
Montpelier, VT1:20:54 PM EDT17.3%
Philadelphia, PA1:21:18 PM EDT25.5%
Dover, DE1:21:39 PM EDT27.1%
Trenton, NJ1:21:43 PM EDT24.6%
Charleston, SC1:22:10 PM EDT44.5%
Newark, NJ1:22:11 PM EDT23.1%
New York, NY1:22:31 PM EDT22.9%
Jacksonville, FL1:22:39 PM EDT52.5%
Norfolk, VA1:23:18 PM EDT31.5%
Springfield, MA1:23:26 PM EDT19.5%
Bridgeport, CT1:23:28 PM EDT21.3%
Hartford, CT1:23:41 PM EDT20.0%
New Haven, CT1:23:47 PM EDT20.8%
Virginia Beach, VA1:23:54 PM EDT30.9%
Concord, NH1:24:01 PM EDT17.1%
Manchester, NH1:24:25 PM EDT17.2%
Worcester, MA1:24:42 PM EDT18.3%
St. Petersburg, FL1:25:05 PM EDT59.5%
Tampa, FL1:25:08 PM EDT58.8%
Portland, ME1:25:49 PM EDT15.2%
Augusta, ME1:25:53 PM EDT14.1%
Boston, MA1:25:58 PM EDT17.3%
Providence, RI1:25:59 PM EDT18.3%
Orlando, FL1:26:16 PM EDT55.2%
Miami, FL1:33:51 PM EDT57.8%
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from All times and percentages shown on this page are only representative samples.

* Eclipse begins before sunrise
** Maximum eclipse occurs before sunrise



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