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Launched in 2015 to provide accurate and reliable information for the historic 2017 total solar eclipse in the U.S., quickly became one of the leading online resources about solar eclipses, particularly for the upcoming 2024 total eclipse in North America. Featuring comprehensive information on the 2024 eclipse, as well as information on eclipses in general, thousands of people use to learn more about eclipses and research where and how to view the 2024 solar eclipse. is a U.S.-based independent resource, meaning we're not associated or affiliated with any other scientific, academic, or government organization. Our mission from the beginning has been simple: To help people understand, appreciate, and experience the solar eclipse phenomenon, to provide accurate and reliable information about solar eclipse viewing safety, and to offer advice and guidance to help people plan for and view the 2024 total solar eclipse in America.

To contact us, please e-mail or use our online contact form. You can also follow our very active and engaged Twitter account at @NationalEclipse. has been featured by:

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