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ECLIPSE Resources

There are many excellent sources of online information about eclipses. Below are some of our favorites.

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American Eclipse  David Baron's excellent book about the true story of the epic eclipse of 1878.

ECLIPSE  The new fourth edition of an enduring classic gives you all the information you need for 2024.

EclipseWise  A site dedicated to eclipse predictions by former NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

Shadow & Substance  An astronomy site featuring animations and visualizations of solar and lunar eclipses.

SkySafari  Software that simulates any eclipse in the past or future from anywhere in the solar system.

Solar Eclipse Timer  The "Original Eclipse Talking Timer" app for iOS and Android.

Solar Eclipse Timer YouTube Channel  A collection of educational and instructional eclipse videos.

Wikipedia  Wikipedia's page for the 2024 eclipse.

Xavier Jubier  Interactive Google eclipse map of the 2024 eclipse developed by Xavier Jubier.

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