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2024 Partial Eclipse Cities

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse, known as the "Great North American Eclipse," will trace a narrow path of totality across 13 U.S. states. Outside this path of totality, most of the rest of the country will experience a partial solar eclipse. The following is a list of major U.S. cities that are located outside the path of totality on April 8 and the approximate percentage of partial eclipse that can be expected for each.

Remember that you must use special eclipse safety glasses or viewers at all times during a partial solar eclipse. The Eclipse Store offers a wide variety of certified safe eclipse glasses and viewers.

All times and percentages shown on this page are only representative samples. To determine the precise times and percentage for your exact location on eclipse day, use the interactive Google eclipse maps developed by Xavier Jubier.

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United States

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City, State Max. Eclipse Obscuration
Honolulu, HI7:13:01 AM HST17.7%
San Diego, CA11:11:25 AM PDT53.9%
Los Angeles, CA11:12:20 AM PDT48.9%
Anaheim, CA11:12:24 AM PDT50.0%
San Jose, CA11:13:19 AM PDT35.7%
San Francisco, CA11:13:24 AM PDT34.0%
Bakersfield, CA11:13:38 AM PDT44.7%
Oakland, CA11:13:38 AM PDT34.2%
Fresno, CA11:15:01 AM PDT40.7%
Stockton, CA11:15:10 AM PDT35.7%
Sacramento, CA11:15:59 AM PDT34.3%
Carson City, NV11:19:12 AM PDT36.5%
Tucson, AZ11:19:32 AM MST69.4%
Reno, NV11:19:45 AM PDT35.7%
Phoenix, AZ11:20:01 AM MST64.0%
Las Vegas, NV11:20:21 AM PDT51.2%
Eugene, OR11:23:04 AM PDT23.6%
Salem, OR11:24:32 AM PDT22.5%
El Paso, TX12:25:29 PM MDT81.9%
Portland, OR11:25:50 AM PDT22.2%
Olympia, WA11:27:53 AM PDT20.0%
Tacoma, WA11:28:43 AM PDT20.3%
Laredo, TX1:29:14 PM CDT98.0%
Seattle, WA11:29:22 AM PDT20.0%
Boise, ID12:30:50 PM MDT35.1%
Albuquerque, NM12:30:51 PM MDT73.0%
Provo, UT12:31:45 PM MDT50.1%
Salt Lake City, UT12:32:14 PM MDT48.5%
Santa Fe, NM12:32:53 PM MDT73.2%
Juneau, AK10:33:07 AM AKDT1.9%
Corpus Christi, TX1:33:23 PM CDT93.5%
Spokane, WA11:35:06 AM PDT26.7%
Lubbock, TX1:35:47 PM CDT88.6%
Colorado Springs, CO12:39:19 PM MDT67.8%
Helena, MT12:40:10 PM MDT36.8%
Houston, TX1:40:13 PM CDT94.0%
Denver, CO12:40:22 PM MDT65.1%
Cheyenne, WY12:42:32 PM MDT62.0%
Billings, MT12:43:35 PM MDT44.4%
Oklahoma City, OK1:45:30 PM CDT93.6%
Shreveport, LA1:47:18 PM CDT98.1%
Baton Rouge, LA1:48:33 PM CDT85.9%
Tulsa, OK1:48:51 PM CDT95.0%
Wichita, KS1:48:51 PM CDT87.6%
New Orleans, LA1:49:44 PM CDT81.7%
Pierre, SD1:52:35 PM CDT62.6%
Jackson, MS1:52:59 PM CDT89.4%
Topeka, KS1:53:05 PM CDT87.2%
Lincoln, NE1:53:40 PM CDT79.8%
Mobile, AL1:54:25 PM CDT79.3%
Springfield, MO1:54:26 PM CDT97.5%
Bismarck, ND1:54:34 PM CDT55.6%
Kansas City, KS1:54:44 PM CDT89.2%
Kansas City, MO1:54:47 PM CDT89.3%
Omaha, NE1:55:17 PM CDT80.0%
Sioux Falls, SD1:56:37 PM CDT71.8%
Memphis, TN1:57:00 PM CDT98.0%
Jefferson City, MO1:57:47 PM CDT95.8%
Des Moines, IA1:58:56 PM CDT83.6%
Fargo, ND1:59:42 PM CDT62.3%
Montgomery, AL1:59:42 PM CDT81.1%
St. Petersburg, FL3:00:03 PM EDT57.7%
Birmingham, AL2:00:17 PM CDT86.0%
Tampa, FL3:00:39 PM EDT57.9%
Tallahassee, FL3:00:42 PM EDT70.2%
St. Louis, MO2:00:50 PM CDT99.1%
Miami, FL3:01:52 PM EDT46.1%
Columbus, GA3:02:04 PM EDT78.6%
Cedar Rapids, IA2:02:06 PM CDT86.2%
Minneapolis, MN2:02:38 PM CDT74.0%
Rochester, MN2:02:50 PM CDT78.3%
St. Paul, MN2:02:50 PM CDT74.4%
Springfield, IL2:02:51 PM CDT96.9%
Nashville, TN2:03:26 PM CDT94.7%
Orlando, FL3:03:26 PM EDT57.7%
Atlanta, GA3:04:36 PM EDT81.8%
Jacksonville, FL3:05:14 PM EDT64.4%
Rockford, IL2:05:58 PM CDT90.0%
Madison, WI2:06:14 PM CDT86.9%
Louisville, KY3:07:10 PM EDT99.2%
Chicago, IL2:07:41 PM CDT93.9%
Knoxville, TN3:07:46 PM EDT88.5%
Milwaukee, WI2:08:15 PM CDT89.6%
Augusta, GA3:08:16 PM EDT76.1%
Frankfort, KY3:08:28 PM EDT97.8%
Lexington, KY3:08:52 PM EDT96.6%
Green Bay, WI2:09:12 PM CDT84.5%
Cincinnati, OH3:09:49 PM EDT99.7%
Columbia, SC3:10:26 PM EDT76.1%
Fort Wayne, IN3:10:33 PM EDT99.9%
Charleston, SC3:11:00 PM EDT69.7%
Grand Rapids, MI3:11:14 PM EDT93.6%
Charlotte, NC3:11:56 PM EDT80.2%
Lansing, MI3:12:35 PM EDT96.1%
Columbus, OH3:12:44 PM EDT99.8%
Charleston, WV3:13:27 PM EDT92.7%
Winston-Salem, NC3:13:41 PM EDT82.3%
Greensboro, NC3:14:21 PM EDT81.4%
Detroit, MI3:14:22 PM EDT99.4%
Durham, NC3:15:40 PM EDT79.6%
Raleigh, NC3:15:54 PM EDT78.3%
Pittsburgh, PA3:17:20 PM EDT97.3%
Richmond, VA3:19:04 PM EDT82.9%
Norfolk, VA3:20:17 PM EDT78.5%
Washington, DC3:20:32 PM EDT87.4%
Virginia Beach, VA3:20:44 PM EDT78.1%
Annapolis, MD3:21:21 PM EDT86.8%
Baltimore, MD3:21:22 PM EDT88.2%
Harrisburg, PA3:21:32 PM EDT92.2%
Dover, DE3:22:48 PM EDT86.1%
Wilmington, DE3:23:05 PM EDT88.3%
Allentown, PA3:23:36 PM EDT91.4%
Philadelphia, PA3:23:42 PM EDT88.6%
Trenton, NJ3:24:23 PM EDT89.0%
Newark, NJ3:25:23 PM EDT90.2%
New York, NY3:25:35 PM EDT89.9%
Albany, NY3:26:37 PM EDT96.7%
Bridgeport, CT3:26:49 PM EDT90.6%
New Haven, CT3:27:12 PM EDT90.8%
Hartford, CT3:27:40 PM EDT92.2%
Springfield, MA3:27:53 PM EDT93.3%
Worcester, MA3:28:53 PM EDT93.0%
Providence, RI3:29:15 PM EDT90.9%
Concord, NH3:29:26 PM EDT96.2%
Manchester, NH3:29:29 PM EDT95.4%
Boston, MA3:29:49 PM EDT92.5%
Portland, ME3:31:00 PM EDT96.5%
Augusta, ME3:31:37 PM EDT98.3%
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from All times and percentages shown on this page are only representative samples. To determine the precise times and percentage for your exact location on eclipse day, use the interactive Google eclipse maps developed by Xavier Jubier.



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