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The next solar eclipse will be an annular solar eclipse on October 2, 2024, in South America. The path of annularity will cross over Chile and Argentina. The path will also cross over Easter Island (Chile). In the U.S., a partial solar eclipse will occur in Hawaii. The maximum duration of annularity for this eclipse will be 7 minutes and 25 seconds. The map below shows the path of annularity over South America. To experience the annular, or "ring of fire," phase of the eclipse, you must be located within the path of annularity represented on the map below. Areas outside the path of annularity will get a partial solar eclipse only.

The next lunar eclipse will be a partial lunar eclipse on September 18, 2024. This eclipse will be visible in all U.S. states except for Hawaii.

Annular Solar Eclipse of October 2, 2024


Annular Solar Eclipse - October 2, 2024 - South America Map