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Launched in 2015 to provide accurate and reliable information for the historic 2017 total solar eclipse in the U.S., quickly became one of the top-ranked Google sites about solar eclipses, particularly for the upcoming 2024 total eclipse in North America. Featuring comprehensive information on the 2024 eclipse, as well as information on eclipses in general, tens of thousands of people use every day to learn more about eclipses and research where and how to view the 2024 solar eclipse. offers several different advertising options to help product vendors, tour operators, lodging and camping providers, and eclipse path attractions and destinations promote their offerings to our national and international audiences, who arrive at via organic search, links from thousands of other web sites and media mentions, and our social networks. Millions of people are currently making plans to travel to and view the 2024 eclipse. Our site traffic, consisting of people who are actively making eclipse plans, is consistent on a daily basis, with large spikes occurring during minor eclipse events that are mentioned in the news. As we saw for the 2017 eclipse, this traffic will continue to grow exponentially the closer we get to the 2024 eclipse.

Since is a "boutique" website with a very specific and targeted audience, we're able to keep our advertising rates reasonable and affordable for almost every type of advertiser, large and small. Please use the menu above to view details and rates for our various advertising options. If you have any questions, or to start advertising, please e-mail .