ECLIPSE Resources

There are many excellent sources of information online about the NATIONAL ECLIPSE and solar eclipses in general. Below are some of our favorites, in no particular order.

Paper Eclipse Glasses


Wikipedia  The official page for the eclipse on Wikipedia.

NASA  NASA's interactive Google map of the eclipse.

American Eclipse USA  The science behind eclipses, viewing the 2017 eclipse, eclipse links, and more.

Eclipse August 2017!  A blog dedicated to the 2017 eclipse.

EclipseWatch  Telescope maker Celestron has an eclipse page with eclipse-related podcasts and blog posts.

Go See the Eclipse  The companion site for the book Go See the Eclipse and Take a Kid With You.

Eclipse Across America  A project to stream a live, continuous broadcast of the entire coast-to-coast event.

American Eclipse 2017  Includes eclipse timetables, maps, events, and general information about eclipses.

Rainbow Symphony  The leading producer of certified safe solar eclipse glasses and viewers.  Information for municipalities, businesses, and educators in the St. Louis area.

L'Eclipse Totale de Soleil 2017 USA  A site for the 2017 eclipse designed for French speakers.

Total Eclipses of the Sun  A site by a U.K. couple who have seen 16 total eclipses.

EclipseWise  A site dedicated to eclipse predictions by former NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

Solar Eclipse Timer  Three apps for the 2017 eclipse: Solar Eclipse Timer, Quiz Game, and Totality Observer

American Eclipse  Available in June 2017, the true story of the epic eclipse of 1878.

EclipseMob  A crowdsourced low-frequency radio wave propagation experiment during the 2017 eclipse.

Do you have an eclipse site? Let us know about it at and we'll list it here.

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