Partial Eclipse Cities

On August 21, 2017, all of North America will experience at least a partial eclipse, as will parts of South America, Europe, and Africa. The following is a list of major cities that fall outside the path of totality on August 21, 2017, and the percentage of partial eclipse that can be expected for each. All times and percentages shown are representative samples and depend on your exact location in each city.


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United States

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City, State Maximum Eclipse (local time) Percentage of Sun Obscurred
Honolulu, HI*6:35:58 AM HST27.3%
San Francisco, CA10:15:15 AM PDT75.5%
Oakland, CA10:15:30 AM PDT75.7%
San Jose, CA10:15:54 AM PDT73.9%
Anchorage, AK9:16:16 AM AKDT45.6%
Sacramento, CA10:17:03 AM PDT78.9%
Stockton, CA10:17:06 AM PDT76.5%
Portland, OR10:19:07 AM PDT99.4%
Fresno, CA10:19:09 AM PDT72.2%
Juneau, AK9:19:50 AM AKDT56.1%
Olympia, WA10:19:50 AM PDT94.1%
Carson City, NV10:20:01 AM PDT81.6%
Bakersfield, CA10:20:05 AM PDT67.0%
Reno, NV10:20:05 AM PDT83.0%
Seattle, WA10:20:54 AM PDT91.9%
Los Angeles, CA10:21:13 AM PDT62.2%
Anaheim, CA10:21:48 AM PDT61.5%
San Diego, CA10:23:08 AM PDT57.5%
Spokane, WA10:27:13 AM PDT90.5%
Boise, ID11:27:15 AM MDT99.6%
Las Vegas, NV10:27:24 AM PDT71.7%
Phoeniz, AZ10:33:44 AM MST62.9%
Salt Lake City, UT11:33:51 AM MDT91.2%
Helena, MT11:34:34 AM MDT92.3%
Tucson, AZ10:36:32 AM MST59.0%
Billings, MT11:40:00 AM MDT93.3%
Albuquerque, NM11:45:21 AM MDT73.3%
Santa Fe, NM11:46:35 AM MDT76.2%
Cheyenne, WY11:47:02 AM MDT97.5%
Denver, CO11:47:07 AM MDT92.3%
El Paso, TX11:47:11 AM MDT60.8%
Bismarck, ND12:52:42 PM CDT84.1%
Pierre, SD12:54:18 PM CDT92.2%
Amarillo, TX12:56:05 PM CDT78.5%
Lubbock, TX12:57:10 PM CDT72.3%
Fargo, ND12:59:25 PM CDT80.3%
Sioux Falls, SD1:01:21 PM CDT91.6%
Wichita, KS1:04:16 PM CDT92.6%
Omaha, NE1:04:17 PM CDT98.6%
Oklahoma City, OK1:05:44 PM CDT84.4%
Topeka, KS1:06:38 PM CDT99.1%
Minneapolis, MN1:06:42 PM CDT83.1%
St. Paul, MN1:07:01 PM CDT83.0%
Tulsa, OK1:08:32 PM CDT88.7%
Des Moines, IA1:08:41 PM CDT94.6%
Fort Worth, TX1:08:44 PM CDT74.7%
Laredo, TX1:08:48 PM CDT53.1%
San Antonio, TX1:09:19 PM CDT61.1%
Dallas, TX1:10:00 PM CDT75.5%
Austin, TX1:10:20 PM CDT65.2%
Corpus Christi, TX1:14:04 PM CDT56.8%
Madison, WI1:15:18 PM CDT85.0%
Houston, TX1:16:56 PM CDT66.6%
Shreveport, LA1:17:33 PM CDT78.8%
Milwaukee, WI1:18:04 PM CDT83.3%
Springfield, IL1:18:13 PM CDT96.1%
Little Rock, AR1:18:19 PM CDT88.7%
Chicago, IL1:19:49 PM CDT86.7%
Grand Rapids, MI2:22:11 PM EDT80.7%
Memphis, TN1:22:47 PM CDT93.2%
Lansing, MI2:24:25 PM EDT80.0%
Indianapolis, IN2:25:02 PM EDT91.5%
Fort Wayne, IN2:25:21 PM EDT85.9%
Jackson, MS1:26:10 PM CDT83.3%
Baton Rouge, LA1:26:26 PM CDT75.4%
Toledo, OH2:27:30 PM EDT82.0%
Detroit, MI2:27:35 PM EDT79.3%
Louisville, KY2:27:43 PM EDT95.8%
Cincinnati, OH2:29:01 PM EDT91.3%
Frankfort, KY2:29:31 PM EDT94.7%
Lexington, KY2:30:27 PM EDT94.7%
Columbus, OH2:30:43 PM EDT86.5%
Cleveland, OH2:31:01 PM EDT80.0%
Birmingham, AL1:31:59 PM CDT92.6%
Chattanooga, TN2:32:58 PM EDT99.5%
Mobile, AL1:33:20 PM CDT81.1%
Buffalo, NY2:33:56 PM EDT72.1%
Knoxville, TN2:34:29 PM EDT99.9%
Montgomery, AL1:34:45 PM CDT89.6%
Pittsburgh, PA2:35:27 PM EDT80.8%
Charleston, WV2:35:28 PM EDT89.5%
Atlanta, GA2:36:45 PM EDT97.1%
Burlington, VT2:40:28 PM EDT60.5%
Harrisburg, PA2:40:59 PM EDT76.9%
Winston-Salem, NC2:41:22 PM EDT94.4%
Charlotte, NC2:41:34 PM EDT97.9%
Montpelier, VT2:41:43 PM EDT60.2%
Tallahassee, FL2:42:03 PM EDT86.5%
Greensboro, NC2:42:15 PM EDT93.7%
Albany, NY2:42:24 PM EDT65.9%
Washington, DC2:42:48 PM EDT81.0%
Baltimore, MD2:42:56 PM EDT79.3%
Annapolis, MD2:43:37 PM EDT80.0%
Durham, NC2:44:01 PM EDT92.6%
Wilmington, DE2:44:02 PM EDT76.4%
Richmond, VA2:44:13 PM EDT85.7%
Philadelphia, PA2:44:19 PM EDT75.3%
Trenton, NJ2:44:35 PM EDT74.0%
Newark, NJ2:44:41 PM EDT71.7%
Raleigh, NC2:44:50 PM EDT92.8%
Concord, NH2:44:50 PM EDT61.6%
Dover, DE2:44:57 PM EDT78.1%
New York, NY2:44:59 PM EDT71.5%
Manchester, NH2:45:17 PM EDT62.0%
Hartford, CT2:45:23 PM EDT66.9%
Bridgeport, CT2:45:30 PM EDT69.1%
Augusta, ME2:45:35 PM EDT56.6%
Portland, ME2:45:57 PM EDT58.8%
Savannah, GA2:46:01 PM EDT97.0%
Boston, MA2:46:51 PM EDT63.1%
Providence, RI2:47:11 PM EDT65.0%
Norfolk, VA2:47:18 PM EDT86.0%
Jacksonville, FL2:47:44 PM EDT90.5%
Virginia Beach, VA2:47:50 PM EDT85.5%
St. Petersburg, FL2:49:57 PM EDT80.4%
Tampa, FL2:50:00 PM EDT81.4%
Orlando, FL2:51:16 PM EDT85.2%
Miami, FL2:58:26 PM EDT78.2%
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from

* Eclipse begins before sunrise



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City, Province Maximum Eclipse (local time) Percentage of Sun Obscurred
Victoria, BC10:20:15 AM PDT89.0%
Vancouver, BC10:21:09 AM PDT85.9%
Whitehorse, YT10:22:14 AM PDT49.0%
Calgary, AB11:33:12 AM MDT77.2%
Edmonton, AB11:35:02 AM MDT68.5%
Yellowknife, NT11:39:01 AM MDT42.1%
Saskatoon, SK11:43:22 AM CST70.0%
Regina, SK11:46:09 AM CST74.4%
Winnipeg, MB12:57:33 PM CDT70.8%
Iqaluit, NU2:20:52 PM EDT18.9%
Hamilton, ON2:31:48 PM EDT72.3%
Toronto, ON2:32:05 PM EDT70.6%
Ottawa, ON2:35:26 PM EDT61.1%
Montreal, QC2:38:27 PM EDT58.3%
Quebec City, QC2:39:50 PM EDT52.3%
Fredericton, NB3:47:06 PM ADT49.0%
Saint John, NB3:48:56 PM ADT49.9%
Charlottetown, PE3:50:54 PM ADT44.5%
Halifax, NS3:53:00 PM ADT48.4%
St. John's, NL4:29:06 PM NDT31.7%
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from



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City, Country Maximum Eclipse (local time) Percentage of Sun Obscurred
Tijuana, Mexico10:23:22 AM PDT56.8%
Juarez, Mexico11:47:22 AM MDT60.6%
Guadalajara, Mexico1:05:28 PM CDT25.5%
Monterrey, Mexico1:08:35 PM CDT45.6%
Mexico City, Mexico1:20:14 PM CDT26.7%
Nuuk, Greenland4:32:16 PM WGST10.7%
Reykjavik, Iceland6:43:50 PM GMT2.2%
Oslo, Norway*8:48:44 PM CEST0.2%
Guatemala City, Guatemala12:53:27 PM CST25.2%
Belize City, Belize12:54:32 PM CST37.4%
Havana, Cuba2:58:27 PM CDT65.7%
San Salvador, El Salvador12:58:32 PM CST24.6%
Glasgow, Scotland7:58:33 PM BST2.3%
Belfast, Northern Ireland8:00:52 PM BST3.1%
Amsterdam, Netherlands*9:01:49 PM CEST2.9%
Dublin, Ireland8:02:56 PM IST3.8%
Tegucigalpa, Honduras1:03:02 PM CST29.0%
Brussels, Belgium*9:04:13 PM CEST3.9%
London, England**8:04:34 PM BST4.0%
Cardiff, Wales**8:05:21 PM BST4.4%
Paris, France*9:07:45 PM CEST5.5%
Managua, Nicaragua1:08:46 PM CST25.0%
San Jose, Costa Rica1:17:26 PM CST22.6%
Kingston, Jamaica2:18:32 PM EST59.5%
Madrid, Spain*9:21:37 PM CEST15.5%
Port-au-Prince, Haiti2:25:20 PM EST69.5%
Lisbon, Portugal*8:25:36 PM WEST19.4%
Panama City, Panama2:28:23 PM EST27.3%
Santo Domingo, D.R.3:29:11 PM AST73.4%
Casablanca, Morocco*8:31:54 PM WEST27.9%
San Juan, Puerto Rico3:34:32 PM AST79.9%
Quito, Ecuador2:43:12 PM ECT6.8%
Bogota, Colombia2:43:51 PM COT24.1%
Caracas, Venezuela3:45:37 PM VET52.8%
Nouakchott, Mauritania*7:52:17 PM GMT70.8%
Dakar, Senegal*7:55:53 PM GMT82.2%
Banjul, Gambia*7:56:46 PM GMT86.2%
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau*7:57:37 PM GMT91.0%
Conakry, Guinea*7:58:21 PM GMT97.7%
Georgetown, Guyana3:58:53 PM GYT54.2%
Paramaribo, Suriname5:01:58 PM SRT55.1%
Cayenne, French Guiana5:04:32 PM GFT55.7%
Manaus, Brazil4:07:09 PM AMT21.1%
Fortaleza, Brazil5:13:59 PM BRT40.5%
Recife, Brazil5:15:30 PM BRT29.0%
Salvador, Brazil5:17:23 PM BRT12.6%
Brasilia, Brazil5:17:46 PM BRT1.2%
Eclipse data courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from

* Maximum eclipse occurs after sunset
** Eclipse ends after sunset



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